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 How to Make Wind TurbinesWind energy has been harnessed on land since the first windmill was developed by the ancient Persians in the 7th century ad.
Wind energy continued to be harvested over the following centuries, early windmills were used to power millstones, pumps, and forges.
Wind energy is a resource that is abundant and readily accessible in many parts of the world.
Wind energy, a renewable source of electric power, it is the worlds fastest growing energy source.

Because it’s available all year round and is a more permanent type of energy, wind energy can be used for practical purposes like generating electricity, charging batteries, pumping water or grinding grain.
Wind energy systems provide a clean alternative to fossil fuels at an affordable price of electricity generated.
They are among the most technologically advanced and cost-effective renewable sources currently available and are easily installed using minimum space.
Wind energy is clean and convenient way, to produce power for a rich domestic resource and can be converted into electricity through the use of an electric generators.
Winds as low as 10 mph are all that’s needed to produce useful electricity.
Benefits of wind energy compared to traditional methods of generating energy from the fact that it is cheaper to produce, could soon develop the inexspensive way to produce energy on a large scale.

Wind farms are springing up everywhere to harness the wind energy & to power our communities through the main electricity grids.
Because winds are stronger on higher ground, the wind turbines are 30 meters high where the  winds have less resistance to drive the rotor blades to achieve more power.

Design improvements such as more efficient rotor blades combined with an increase in the numbers of wind turbines installed, have helped increase the worlds wind energy generating capacity by nearly 150 percent since 1990.
Each megawatt wind power generation can save on average, one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.
Alternative energy is cleaner than fossil fuel energy and is renewable, gives you independence from foreign oil, helps control rising electric bills and allows development of new projects in more areas adding up to substancial savings of money and the enviroment.
The other thing is that fossil fuels (natural gas, petroleum and coal) are not a renewable resource, and apart from the negative impact on our environment,  and will eventually be exhausted.

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