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Lizzie asks…

Did you hear that their is an adundant Isotope on the moon that can replace Oil as an energy source ?

Russia sees moon plot in Nasa plans

Mankind’s second race for the moon took on a distinctly Cold War feel yesterday when the Russian space agency accused its old rival Nasa of rejecting a proposal for joint lunar exploration.

The claim comes amid suspicion in Moscow that the United States is seeking to deny Russia access to an isotope in abundance under the moon‘s surface that many believe could replace fossil fuels and even end the threat of global warming.

Do we have any Astro Geologists that can confirm this ? AMERICA SAVE THE DAY AGAIN !

admin answers:

Assume that there is an abundant free source of energy on the moon that is easy to harvest. We still need to factor in the cost of getting to this resource, processing it and returning it to Earth. Such activity would make the resources next to worthless. If such an abundant resource did exist, then it may be of use to the planned permanent science station on the moon.

It was the Soviet Union that put the first man in space, not Russia. The Russian space agency is a shadow of its former glory and it is no longer capable of open competition with NASA. The Russians are well aware of this decline in capability. The USA is not under any obligation to offer charity to the Russian space agency. If the Russians want to go back to the moon as partners with the USA then they must pull their weight and not resort to Cold War propaganda like a belligerent child.

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