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“Money Talks and Solar Walks”

“Money Talks and Solar Walks” in our quest for cheap alternative energy sources.
The solar energy or force is central to the search for alternative cheap energy sources  as we reduce our dependence on  the effects of fossil fuels.
Using solar power as a means of creating a cheaper alternative to our current energy sources is based upon the following principles.
Unlike our finite resources of fossil fuels, solar energy is an infinite and renewable  energy source.
There are no harmful emissions.
The harnessing of solar energy greatly reduces the very significant usage of water that is typical of using coal, nuclear and combined energy sources.
After the initial expenditure involved with the installation of a solar powered source of energy, plus some maintenance costs, it is to all intents and purposes free.
Proponents of the use of solar energy have always had two major problems in the promotion of this possible form of cheap alternative energy confronted.
Currently it is not in real terms a cheap alternative.
Inefficiencies and costs associated with the initial setup costs means that the solar energy is still by most as a source of energy considered fringe.

However great strides have been made in the search for greater efficiencies in the use of solar power.
Recently, a group of US Scientists have set a world record efficiency of solar cells, so that almost 41% of the captured light energy .


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