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Farmers across America are discovering that they can control the impact of soaring fuel costs with cost-effective solar thermal and electrical systems.
They are cutting up to 70% of their energy costs by using alternatives to solar age:

  • 1.Water and air heating for dairies
  • 2.Heating and temperature control for greenhouses
  • 3.Heating & LED lighting for meat-bird houses
  • 4.Crop Drying
  • 5.Water and combustion air heating for food processing
  • 6.Surface  pumping water over a distance
  • 7.Lighting
  • 8.Electric fences.

These days many governments offer subsidies to encourage people to convert to solar power systems for their homes.
For systems installed before 2009, a federal solar tax returns, credit d 30% of the cost of a solar system in your first year.
In addition, up to 65% of the installation cost of your solar system may be recovered by Focus on Energy rebate incentives and Federal tax credits that dramatically reduce the time it takes your system to pay for itself.
In addition to supporting the environment, the conversion to a solar power system at home also helps the health of your finances and add value to your home.
But, if you are a handy type of person you can build your own solar power and small wind turbine systems yourself.
Build your own wind turbine and solar powered generator you can save money when setting up your home green energy systems.

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