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Carbon Capture Using Hybrid Poplar Afforestation Projects

Our forests and trees are taken for granted every day. It would appear that all they do is stand and do nothing, when in fact they are performing crucial tasks for our planet every day. They are essential to our environment and life. Think of trees as the lungs of the planet. They are constantly refreshing our oxygen supply by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. 18 to 20 people need roughly an acre of trees to produce the fresh oxygen they require each year.

Please continue to see just how much trees are essential to the planet and to humans for this oxygen. One of the largest contributing elements of a warming planet is greenhouse gas, which is the result of Carbon Dioxide released. Trees trap this carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create nutrients the tree can use in the form of carbohydrates they use for growth. In return they give us oxygen. Roughly 50lbs or so of CO2 are absorbed by a mature tree annually, and while doing so they return enough oxygen for two people.

Offset Green estimates that by using Afforestation Projects they will be able to sequester and capture roughly 2.5 tonnes of carbon each year, per acre of new forest. The way it works is for every tonne of new wood that grows, about 1 and half tonnes of carbon are removed from the atmosphere, and just over a tonne of oxygen is produced. To think that just by planting 50,000 trees in afforestation projects could reduce the carbon by an estimated 90,000 tons per year, and at the same time, getting a mature alternative energy source ready to provide green power at the end of the life cycle.

Offset Green offers the Hybrid Poplar in its Afforestation Projects. Due to its rapid growth and large size, the Hybrid Poplar is ideally suited for carbon sequestering. Its rapid growth allows for increased carbon retention and has a life expectancy that allows for some serious carbon capture.

Keep in mind that a hybrid poplar captures carbon throughout it’s life cycle, however it really shines later in life as well as it can provide and be a fuel source for alternative power after it’s life cycle. A mature tree does eventually slow down capturing carbon, but it reduces carbon it’s entire life, and further reduces emissions after it’s lifecycle, and then regrows for complete sustainability. This results in roughly 2.5 tonnes of carbon captured per acre per year, sustainably.

An acre of trees can absorb as much carbon as an average car produces if it were to drive across Canada and half way back, or roughly 14,000 kilometers. This is phenomenal considering the tree is also producing nearly 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

By Afforestation, we give back to the earth. Keeping forests in place is very important if we wish to avoid accelerating the pace of climate change. We would create a buffer against climate-induced changes that are already affecting our ecosystems, impacts made worse by industrial land use that is increasing in rate and intensity. Conservation of Afforestation is key to adaptation, as conservation helps maintain the resilience of regions to effects of rapid climate change. Maintaining intact habitat will allow the necessary shifts of plants and animals without the additional stress of habitat loss and fragmentation. We would continue to give home to populations of large mammals and birds.

We need to ensure that we are all making a concentrated effort to reduce our consumption and reduce our carbon footprint, at the same time we need to ensure that we are adequately capturing carbon using these new afforestation projects to try to offset all the carbon dioxide we are contributing. Vast areas need to be set aside for afforestation, and we all need to work together and contribute to these projects.

Want to find out more about Afforestation Projects, then visit Offset Green and review how our capturing carbon works using afforestation works.

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